Situated in the heart of the Cevennes, on the borders of the counties of Le Gard and La Lozère, the Lou Sourel gîte is in the upper part of the village of Saint Roman de Tousque

with a panoramic view looking

out over the Vallée Française in the county of La Lozère and the Vallée Borgne in the county of Le Gard.

lien vers le gîte du Petit Sourel Le Gîte du Petit Sourel, 2 à 6 personnes
Lien vers le Gîte du Grand SourelLe Gîte du Grand Sourel 5 à 10 personnes

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The Gîte is easily accessible via the Corniche des Cévennes tourist route which is quite well known and runs from Saint Jean du Gard to Florac. It is situated 1h30 from Montpellier, 1h15 from Nîmes, 50mins from Alès, 35 mins from Anduze and Florac and 20 mins from Saint Jean du Gard.

You will find all the modern conveniences in this 200-year-old house built in local stone.


Plan accès au gîte How to find the Gîte in the village

carte How to find the Gite in the village
Itinéraire depuis Paris From Paris 675km
dont 578 km on the Highway
Itinéraire depuis Lyon (NE France) From Lyon 292 km
(from Germany and fromthe East of France)
Itinéraire depuis Montpellier Vendargues From Montpellier 108 km
(driving out of the highway,
from Perpignanor Toulouse)
Itinéraire depuis Montpellier-centre From
Montpellier 95 km
Itinéraire depuis Millau
From Millau 105 km
Itinéraire depuis Nîmes From Nîmes 85 km
(From Marseille, Italy, event. from Germany)

Situation du Gîte du Sourel sur Google Map
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L'accès au gîte Lou Sourel se fait par la Corniche des Cévennes.

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